There are tons of information available on how to lose weight, but two questions never seem to have the right answers: How to get motivated to lose weight and how to stay motivated to lose weight?  Without the proper motivation, you'll never lose weight, let alone keep it off!!

Personal motivation is the foundation of all self improvement goals and weight loss success is no exception. Success is proportional to a persons willingness to make lifestyle changes to permanently achieve their weight loss goals.

Motivation To Lose Weight

What motivates you? Do you want to look good or just enjoy life more? Do you want to be fit and strong, lower your blood pressure or take pressure off your joints.

Motivation is as individual as the person is.  You're the only one who really knows why you want to lose weight.  But is your reason enough to motivate you to action.

How to stay motivated to lose weight?

Losing weight always starts with a plan. Like anything you try, it takes some preparation. It is important to look ahead and plan how to overcome obstacles along the way. Take control of the weight loss process and you greatly increase your chances of a successful lifestyle change.

Unfortunately, most people don’t plan far enough ahead. Instead, they rely upon two things: their initial enthusiasm, and when this wears off, their willpower. But these may not be enough to overcome temptations and difficulties faced when we try to change our eating habits and lifestyle.

Here are some things you can do that might help you stay motivated to lose weight;

1. Write your weight loss plan. Put your thoughts on paper.  That'll help give direction and identify the really hard parts.  There is nothing that helps us stay on track better than having a plan to follow. Put the main reason for losing weight at the top in big bold letters. Think about the What, Why, How of your weight loss goal but keep it simple. Make it realistic and achievable.  It has to be your plan, not something that someone else wants.

2. Make a list of the things you want to gain by losing weight. Gaining something is always more motivational than losing something. But, here's the deal, the list must be something YOU want for yourself, not what you think other people want for you. Motivation and desire are personal things and come from within.

3. Decide how you are going to lose the weight. You can do this by changing what you eat, exercise or changing what you eat and exercise. One or the other or both.  Whatever changes in what we eat and how active we become to lose weight must become a permanent part of our lives if we want to keep the weight off.  If the changes aren't going to be permanent, there's no sense starting it only to go back to where you are.

4. Make some goals but keep them small. Achieving a small goal is more motivational that missing a bigger one. If your goal is to change your lifestyle by eliminating 3500 calories a week from what you eat, write down how you'll eliminate the 3500 calories. Make it small.  That's only 500 calories a day and you can do that easily.  At one pound every week you could conceivably drop 52 pounds a year with just one easy step. Pride in achieving a goal is a great motivator.

5. Reward yourself when you achieve a goal to provide incentive to keep working at it but don't use food as a reward for losing weight. The idea is that celebrating your weight loss success will motivate you and increase your resolve to continue.  When you reach a goal, you deserve a reward.

6. Get yourself a buddy. A buddy can be invaluable to keep you motivated by encouraging and helping you and greatly increase your chance of success. Whether it's family, friends or on-line chat room, having support can make a lot of difference for your success.

It's hardly a secret that a key to successfully losing weight is being motivated. But finding motivation may be easier than staying motivated. Not seeing immediate results, boredom, lack of support from family and friends or just the difficulty of losing weight can sometimes make the motivation fly out the window and cause us to give up.

Find your motivation and get going.